Verna Savor

Functional art in pottery is soft ceramic vessels that can be handled and appreciated on a daily basis; at the table, at work or around the living room with friends. I have spent much of my life in nature; I am an avid gardener and have spent many days out of doors in the mountains, fields and back trails, in awe of nature’s fractals. I have learned that beauty should be a daily experience, from a morning sunrise, or stormy skies to a graceful, animated table. Much of my inspiration comes from nature: colours of the sky; geometry, animal, plant and water shapes; natural intuition. I am developing surfaces and glazes to simulate the visual eye candy seen in prairie skies, extensions of the beauty that surrounds me in my outdoor environment.

My name is Verna. Let me help you savor your life through beautiful, useful objects.

Northern BC early morning beauty

I live in a rural area in Northern British Columbia Canada. I can be reached at